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New Mexico Powerball Powerplay

Become a Lottery Retailer!

Get your Scratcher Inventory on consignment — up to 90 days to pay! Get regular phone support from your Customer Service Representative and in-store visits from your Field Service Representative. No-cost ongoing training for your staff.

Start Boosting Profits for Your Store!
Did you know…

  • Lottery players are:
    • 70% more likely to buy tobacco products
    • 62% more likely to buy adult beverages
    • 57% more likely to buy candy
    • 56% more likely to buy soda
  • 89% of the U.S. population will purchase a lottery ticket in their lifetime
  • 20% enter the convenience store after pumping gas because of lottery
  • Lottery products account for 16% of gross inside retail sales
  • An average retailer makes $24,146 in annual gross revenue on lottery vs. $5,746 on lighters and $6,692 on energy shots

     Sources: MRI-Simmons, NACS SOI, La Fleur’s, NACS Magazine

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