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Legal Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Legal Disclaimer

The New Mexico Lottery Authority makes no warranties, guarantees or representations, of any kind, express or implied, as to the content, accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information contained in this website or in the sites of any links provided herein. Accurate prize awards may be obtained by contacting the New Mexico Lottery Authority. No valid claim may be based on the winning numbers or other information contained on this website. In the event of a discrepancy between the numbers posted on this website and the official winning numbers, the official winning numbers as certified by the Multi-State Lottery Association and/or the New Mexico Lottery Authority shall control.

Users may obtain official printed versions of the rules concerning any lottery game by contacting the New Mexico Lottery Authority. The Authority expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies in any information contained on this website.

Links Disclaimer

This website contains links to other sites. A link does not constitute an endorsement of the content, viewpoint, accuracy, opinions, policies, products, services or accessibility of any other website, and the New Mexico Lottery Authority is not responsible for the information contained in or the privacy practices of such other sites.

Altering of Forms

Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information contained in this website, including unauthorized alterations to the wording of any online forms available on this site are strictly prohibited. Alteration of the wording of downloadable or online forms or other information may render the form or information invalid.

Services for Persons with Disabilities

If you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility or auxiliary aids and services for persons with disabilities, please contact our offices at (505) 342-7600. Our TDD phone number is (505) 342-7535.

Website Privacy Policy And Practices


To inform the public of the policies and practices of the New Mexico Lottery Authority (NMLA) with regard to the NMLA’s official Internet website, www.nmlottery.com.

General Use and Applicability

This policy applies to all visitors of the NMLA’s Internet website and will be in effect for as long as the NMLA maintains its website or until amended.


“New Mexico Lottery Act”, “Lottery Act”, or “the Act” means the New Mexico Lottery Act, N.M.S.A., 1978, Sections 6-24-1 through 6-24-34, as the same may be amended from time to time.

“New Mexico Lottery Authority”, “New Mexico Lottery”, “NMLA”, “Lottery”, or “Authority” means the New Mexico Lottery Authority, a public body, politic and corporate, separate and apart from the State of New Mexico, constituting a governmental instrumentality, established and operated pursuant to the New Mexico Act.


The NMLA has adopted the following privacy policies and practices to be used on the NMLA’s website:

General Philosophy – the NMLA provides users the following information to help them understand more about the information the NMLA collects on this site and how that information is used. These policies and practices are subject to change at the NMLA’s discretion. Generally, changes to these policies and practices will be indicated on the bottom of the home page on this site. Please reread the NMLA’s policy if such a notice is posted. Users continued use of the website following any changes made to this Privacy Policy will mean that they accept the revised Privacy Policy. This statement is not intended to and does not create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.

Use of Email – The NMLA routinely uses email to conduct business. Users’ communication with the NMLA by email is their acknowledgment that they agree to conduct business using email, however, the NMLA reserves the right to use the method of communication it deems best in interacting with users. Users’ email addresses may be retained for further communication with them and for NMLA marketing purposes (promotional information, surveys, jackpot alerts and other internal uses).

Information Collected Automatically – Generally, the NMLA’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) captures the following information during each visit to this website: user’s domain name (i.e. aol.com), the date and time of user’s access, the pages of the NMLA’s website that users visit, the internet address and name of the page that referred the user to our site, user’s current network internet address (IP address), brand of browser and version used to access the NMLA website, and the operating system the user is using. The information gathered is used to assist the NMLA in determining how to make the website more useful and accessible to visitors. The information is given to the NMLA in an aggregate form such that no single user is identified.

Information Voluntarily Submitted by Users – The NMLA may also retain any information that user voluntarily provides (i.e. user name, address, etc.). When the user conveys this information to the NMLA, the user is authorizing the NMLA (and all third parties authorized by the NMLA) to use, transmit, disclose and store such information for all purposes necessary to consummate the transaction the user has requested. The NMLA collects various information on individuals who communicate with the NMLA via email or who voluntarily submit forms on the NMLA’s website. The consummation of transactions that users request regularly requires the NMLA to use the Internet and email to transmit the information users provide.

How the information is used – Typically, the information automatically collected and voluntarily submitted is used to provide a more personal experience. The NMLA strives to present users with the information, which is most pertinent to their specific needs. The NMLA also uses the information to operate and improve the website, to gather information about NMLA products and services, to gather aggregate user and customer information, and to provide information about NMLA products and services. As an example, the NMLA may send the user an email that describes a product or service that the NMLA is offering.

Sharing and Disclosure of Information – Except to process information the user has requested, and except as required by law or to protect the rights of the NMLA, personal information submitted by the user is not shared, disclosed, or sold. Information that is collected and maintained will be kept and disclosed in accordance with applicable laws and NMLA policies. The NMLA requires that third parties that are authorized to use the data provided to them meet and maintain the same privacy requirements of this site. The NMLA is not responsible for the conduct of third parties. The NMLA may also provide the information collected about the user if, in cases of fraud or other criminal activities, the NMLA is subpoenaed to do so by competent legal authorizes.

Storage of Information – Reasonable care will be utilized to ensure that the file(s) that may personally identify users are kept in a secured location. The files and the data contained in these files are the sole property of the NMLA. The NMLA has implemented procedures to safeguard the integrity of its information technology assets, including, but not limited to, authentication, monitoring, auditing, and encryption. These security procedures have been integrated into the design, implementation, and day-to-day operations of the NMLA website as part of our continuing commitment to the security of electronic content as well as the electronic transmission of information. Information contained in these files may be routinely purged at the discretion of the NMLA.

Website for Adult Use Only (Age 18 or Older) – This website will not knowingly collect personal information from children. All registrants must be 18 years of age to participate in any and all NMLA transactions. All information provided will be treated as though it was submitted by an adult.

Linked Sites – This site may contain links to other sites. The NMLA does not control the authenticity, accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of outside information on any links. A link does not constitute an endorsement of the content, viewpoint, policies, products, services, or accessibility of that website. The NMLA is not responsible for the privacy policies, or lack thereof, of these sites.

Other Information – Cookies are simple text files stored on the user’s web browser to provide a means of distinguishing among users of the NMLA website. The use of cookies is a standard practice among internet websites. The NMLA may use “cookies”, both persistent and non-persistent, to store information. The cookies will not contain personally identifiable information and do not compromise the user’s privacy or security.

The software and hardware used to access the NMLA website allows the user to refuse new cookies or delete existing cookies. Refusing or deleting cookies may limit the user’s ability to take advantage of some features of the NMLA website.

Banner Ads will be used to advertise NMLA products. The NMLA website will track the number of clicks on such ads for analytical and marketing purposes.

Contacting the New Mexico Lottery Authority – If users have questions about these privacy statements, the practices of this site, or users interactions with the website, please contact the NMLA.