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New Mexico Powerball Powerplay

How to Play Roadrunner Cash™

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  1. Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 37 on a Roadrunner Cash play slip or ask for a “Quick Pick” to let the machine pick random numbers for you.
  2. Win by matching two or more of your numbers to the numbers drawn.

Tickets cost $1 per play per drawing.

How to Win

Match Prize Approximate Odds 1 in
5 White Balls
Top Prize 435,897
4 White Balls
$200 2,724.36
3 White Balls
$5 87.88
2 White Balls
$1 8.79
Overall odds of winning a prize are approximately 1 in 7.97

Play Up to 14 Drawings with Multi-Draw

Whether you play your favorite numbers or choose Quick Picks, you can play up to 14 drawings in a row. Simply mark the appropriate box next to MULTI DRAW on your play slip or ask the clerk for a Multi-Draw ticket ($1 per play per drawing).

Please Note

  • The estimated advertised jackpot is paid in accordance with the New Mexico Lottery Authority On-Line Game Rules and is pari-mutuel. (Prize amount is shared equally among two or more winning tickets.)
  • The estimated advertised jackpot will be paid when generated sales for that draw are sufficient to fund the advertised Jackpot within 5% +/-. In the event the actual sales for that draw fail to achieve, or the actual sales exceed, required levels to fund the advertised estimated jackpot amount by more than 5%, then the actual amount shall be paid.
  • The remaining prizes are set prizes. However, some or all may become pari-mutuel under certain circumstances as defined in the New Mexico Lottery Authority On-Line Game Rules.