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  • Grand Prize: $3,000 + Professional recording session of entry music and song + $500 travel stipend
  • Runners-up: 3 entrants will win $1,000 each

About the project

This April, the New Mexico Lottery will launch a family of four gold-themed Scratcher games named after the Spanish word for gold, ORO. The Lottery is seeking New Mexico talent to write and record original music for use in the TV and radio spots that will support the game.

Why ORO? Throughout history it has been collected, coveted, sought after, fought over, and treasured. History weaves tales of pirates, expeditions, treasure seekers and rumors of civilizations all motivated by gold. New Mexico has its own rich history with gold. The discovery of placer gold in the Ortiz Mountains in Santa Fe County resulted in the FIRST gold rush in the western United Sates.

The storyline

The creative is themed with a New Mexico treasure hunt. The Lottery roadrunner will try to find the ORO before the pirates: a tricky hawk, a naughty jackalope and a sassy scorpion can get it. The pirates and cash shark will serve as mischievous characters that drive roadrunner to find the gold first.

About the ORO Scratchers

The ORO games are scheduled to launch April 3, 2023. There are 4 games:

    • $5,000 ORO, a $2 Scratcher, featuring $5,000 Top Prizes
    • ORO Crossword, a $5 Scratcher, featuring $25,000 Top Prizes, Two Crossword PUzzles and a Bonus Word Puzzle
    • $50,000 ORO, a $10 Scratcher, featuring $50,000 Top Prizes and 2 Bonus Prize Boxes; and
    • $100,000 ORO, a $20 Scratcher featuring  more than $4.1 Million in prizes including $100,000 Top Prizes

Plus, players can enter eligible non-winning ORO Scratcher games in a Second-Chance Promotion for a chance to win up to $1 Million!