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FAQs for ORO Song Competition

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Is there an age restriction to participate?

Entrants MUST be at least 18 years of age to participate.

What can I win?

  • Grand Prize: $3,000 + Professional recording session of entry music and song + $500 travel stipend
  • 3 Runners-up: $1,000 each

How will the music be used?

The Lottery will use the music for TV and Radio spots to promote the ORO Scratchers.

When will the winner record?

Recording will take place at a professional sound studio in Albuquerque between February 27 and March 3, depending on availability.

Can my band enter?

Of course! The winner will be responsible for dividing the prize among band members.

Can I be anonymous?

Names of winners are subject to the public records act. Plus, don’t you want some good attention for your talents?

I live far away, will you pay for my travel?

The grand prize winner will receive a $500 travel stipend. Also, please note that the winner must live in New Mexico.

Where do I enter?

What if I can’t sing or play music?

Phone a friend! If you have an idea, partner up with a friend who has that particular talent!

So, do I have to sing my song?

Yes! We will record the song in a sound studio. Again – if you can write but can’t sing, phone a friend! Partner up with them to submit together.

Is there an entry form?

YES! There are 2 steps to enter:

  1. First, complete the ENTRY FORM here
  2. Then, email your SONG to orosong@nmlottery.com

How long should the song be?

Our ads are super short! There are two lengths we need:

    • A 30-second song; and
    • A 15-second song

I don’t know how to write music. Do you have to have music written by notes?

Written scores will certainly help. However, it is not required. As long as you provide a tune that can be REPLICATED, or that you can play in a studio, it will be considered.

Do I need to submit a :30 and a :15?

Yes, entrants must submit both. It is suggested you write the :30 and then CUT it down to a :15 song (a short, quick version)

Can I win more than one category?

Per the ORO Scratcher Song Competition Rules, Section 5:

p. Entrants may submit multiple songs for entry.

q. Entrants who submit more than one (1) entry may win as a Grand Prize Winner and Runner-Up.

r. Entrants who submit more than one (1) entry may not win more than one (1) Runners-up prize.

I didn’t receive an entry confirmation. Who do I call?

  • FIRST, check your SPAM.
  • NEXT, email us at orosong@nmlottery.com and say, “Hey, did you get my entry?”
  • We’ll email you back and let you know. If we did not get it, we’ll ask you to resend the song, so be sure to SAVE your song where you can get to it again.

When will I know if I win?

We will announce the winners AFTER February 24th.

Where will you list the winners?

Winners will be listed at the TOP of the ORO Song Competition webpage, once selected. We’ll also call you to tell you how much we love your song, if you’ve won.

If I live in Albuquerque, do I still get the travel stipend?

YES! As long as you meet all the entry requirements, you can enter a song and no matter where you live in New Mexico, you’ll receive the travel stipend. If you live in Albuquerque, you can use it for a fancy meal! Or, have a “stay-cation.” Or, use it for whatever you wish.

Can you provide some samples of what you are looking for?

The following lines are to help you generate ideas and are offered only for guidance:

Looking for ORO in all my favorite places

Looking for ORO, scratching in the desert

Searching for ORO, treasure is my prize

Gotta get an ORO and scratch it


ORO! ORO! New Mexico has ORO!

Big gigantic prizes and four games for you to choose,

A second chance to win up to a million bucks for YOU

Gotta find the ORO before CASH SHARK finds your score.

You can buy the Scratchers at your favorite Lottery store.


You must be at least 18 to play. Please play AND treasure hunt, responsibly.