Alamogordo Man Wins 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 2015 Ford Mustang GT from New Mexico Lottery


ALBUQUERQUE – An Alamogordo man won a 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 2015 Ford* Mustang GT from the New Mexico Lottery Saturday at the Isotopes baseball game. The Lottery gave away car #443 of only 1964 that were produced.

The winner is James Gschwind.  He was one of three finalists drawn from more than 45,000 entries of non-winning tickets entered into a promotion for the lottery’s “Mustang Money” Scratcher™. 

After the game Saturday, the three finalists gathered at home plate to each select a giant oversized replica “Mustang Money” Scratcher. They were James Gschwind of Alamogordo, Kenneth Martinez of Albuquerque and Kevin Denny of Window Rock, Arizona.

Mr. Gschwind arrived at Isotopes stadium in his favorite New Mexico Lottery t-shirt. Retired from the Air Force, he has lived in the Alamogordo area since 1962 and worked at the post office at Holloman Air Force base for 36 years. His wife Angie, two daughters — Rose Gschwind and Regina Colbert, and son-in-law, William Colbert, accompanied him. Just two weeks ago, James had cancer surgery. “Whether he wins or not, this is such a great memory for us and it was a great distraction during surgery,” said wife Angie Gschwind.

Kenneth Martinez was the next finalist to arrive, sharing photos of himself with the car at the Rich Ford showroom. “I visited the Mustang each week since I found out I was a finalist!”

Kevin Denny arrived next. This was the first time he had ever been to a professional ball game.

Prior to going on field, the finalists, in order of their arrival, each selected a number to determine the order they would pick an oversized ticket on the field.

Mr. Gschwind selected number one. When it was time to make his selection, he did not hesitate to put his name on the blue oversized “Mustang Money” Scratcher. From the time he left the house until he got to the field, he was certain he wanted to pick the blue ticket. He even wore a blue shirt and blue pants. However, he began to second-guess himself during the wait to go on the field. James asked his daughter, Regina, who accompanied him to the field, if he should pick the purple or the yellow one. She said, “Dad, it’s up to you.” He later said, “I stopped at the blue one because I thought I was taking too long.” His wife believes it was divine intervention.

Next, Kevin Denny walked over to the purple “Mustang Money” Scratcher and placed his name on the front.

Last up was Kenneth Martinez. He placed his name on the final “Mustang Money” Scratcher.

At the count of three, the finalists all pulled the Play Areas off of the front of their tickets. It only took a moment for Mr. Gschwind to realize he won. James said he thought “It’s ME sitting behind the wheel. It’s MY car, finally.” This was, after all, his first brand new car ever, and his first sports car. “We had six children, so we always had family cars or station wagons,” said wife Angie.

His daughter, Regina, was beaming as James got in the car, turned it on and revved the engine. 

“He told everyone in Alamogordo he was going to win that car,” said Angie.

On Sunday, James Gschwind picked up his brand new Mustang at Rich Ford. The family then drove home, but not without a couple of celebrity stops along the way. In Socorro, at Phillips 66, the staff and customers came out to look at the car, take pictures and meet the winner. James also stopped at Allsup’s in Alamogordo, where he purchased his “Mustang Money” Scratchers.

Daughter Regina believes that car could have been hers. While her dad was in the hospital last May, she took him Scratchers to pass the time. Her mom told her to enter the non-winning “Mustang Money” Scratchers in her own name. But Regina knew better – and she was right. She held onto the tickets for her dad. They were the first thing he asked for when he got home. She later laughed and jokingly said, “I should have put those tickets in my name, that car should have been mine. But that’s ok!” 

“We like to play, because we’re supporting kids going to college,” said Regina.

The Mustang prize is valued at $70,000 and includes sales tax, license and title, as well as, the tax owed on the prize.

The remaining two finalists, Kenneth and Kevin, each won $500 in cash. 

The giveaway event was conducted by the lottery’s security department and an auditor, and recorded in its entirety on videotape. 

The 50th Anniversary 2015 Limited Edition Ford Mustang GT was provided by Rich Ford.


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*Ford Motor Company Trademarks and Trade Dress used under license to MDI Entertainment