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For detailed information about the promotion, please see the Drawing Rules.

Promotion and Rules are subject to change.

About Entries and Tickets

Q: Which Scratchers are eligible for the EVERLASTING MILLION Second-Chance Promotion?

A: Only non-winning New Mexico Lottery (NMLA) Game 472 WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET™ are eligible for the promotional drawing.


Q: Can I enter the promotion more than one time?

A: Yes, you may enter the promotion as many times as you wish. Each eligible ticket may only be entered one time. Players can enter up to 50 tickets per day.


Q:  What is the second-chance promotion tied to the WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET™ Scratcher?

A:  When you enter your eligible tickets, you are entering the EVERLASTING MILLION Second-Chance Promotion for a chance to win a trip for two (2) to Las Vegas, NV to play the EVERLASTING MILLION CHALLENGE™ for a chance to win up to a LIFETIME PRIZE of $1 Million a Year!


Q: How can I be sure that my Internet entry has been submitted?

A: When you submit an entry, a record of it appears on the My Entries tab. If the entry is recorded there, you can be assured that it is in the system.


Q: Can I mail in my WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET™ Scratchers for the promotion?

A:  No, only internet entries (via desktop computer or mobile device) are allowed in this promotion. Any tickets submitted by any other method will be disqualified.


Q: Do I need to keep my WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET™ Scratchers after entering them into the promotion?

A:  No, you do not need to keep your ticket after verifying that your entry has been submitted.


Q: What are my odds of winning a prize in the promotion?

A: Your odds of winning are based on the total number of entries received for the drawing and the total number of entries that you have submitted.


Q: How will I be notified if my entry is selected in the promotion?

A: If your entry is selected for the trip to Las Vegas for the chance to play the EVERLASTING MILLION CHALLENGE™, the New Mexico Lottery will contact you via email or by phone. You must complete and return the NMLA Claim Form within the timeframe specified by the NMLA for verification.


Q:  If selected as a promotion winner, how old do I have to be to participate in the EVERLASTING MILLION CHALLENGE™ in Las Vegas?

A:  Per Nevada State Law, the minimum age requirement is twenty-one (21) years of age. If you are not 21 years of age, a proxy would play on your behalf.  See the promotion rules for more information. To play the New Mexico Lottery you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.


Q: What does the trip prize include?

A: The trip prize includes:

  • Four (4) day/three (3) night trip for two (2) people to Las Vegas, NV in or about the summer of 2022;
  • Roundtrip coach-class airfare for two (2) people (two (2) seats) from the major airport nearest the winner’s city to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas;
  • Ground transfers between McCarran International Airport and the destination hotel and between hosted events, if such transportation is reasonably required;
  • Three (3) nights’ hotel accommodations in Las Vegas (one (1) double-occupancy hotel room and tax only);
  • One thousand dollars ($1,000) spending money for the Trip Prize winner (Winner);
  • Admission to the EVERLASTING MILLION CHALLENGE™ (Challenge) theater/venue for the Winner and guest; and the Winner shall have one (1) chance to participate in three (3) rounds for the Challenge, together with winners from other participating lottery jurisdictions.
  • Winner will be mailed the official Challenge details prior to the trip departure.

Q: How are taxes reported and calculated?

A: MDI Entertainment LLC will withhold Federal and State taxes and report the promotion Winner to the IRS once the prize has been claimed. See the promotion rules for more information.


Q:  What if I win and cannot take the trip prize? Is there a cash option?

A:  You can assign a proxy to represent you and any winnings would be awarded to you. There is no cash option available for the trip.


Q:  What is the Last Day to Claim a prize on the WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET™ Scratcher?

A:  The Last Day to Claim a prize on the Scratcher game is ninety (90) days after the Announced End of the Game. This date will be posted at Lottery retailers and on the NMLA website.