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If You Play the Lottery, Play it Safe

March 25, 2020

Dear players and retailers,

While New Mexico Lottery tickets can still be purchased during the coronavirus pandemic, we strongly encourage Lottery players to take necessary precautions and practice social distancing to keep the virus from spreading. Here are some suggestions:

Use play slips and your own pen: Paper play slips are available at all Lottery retailers. Fill out your play slip completely before getting in line to make your purchase. Retailers are permitted to require Lottery customers to use play slips, which quicken the pace of Lottery transactions and ensure that you receive exactly the numbers and options you want.

Ask for a Quick Pick: The “Quick Pick” option available on the Lottery’s terminals and vending machines can save you time by randomly generating your numbers – no play slips needed. Just select your game and choose Quick Pick.

Check your tickets at a Self-Service Lottery terminal or a Check-A-Ticket unit: Some retailers have a Self-Service Lottery Terminal and some have a small Check-A-Ticket scanner at their store. Scan your tickets at a self-scanning terminal or Check-A-Ticket scanner to see if they are winners.

Try multi-draw options: By using a play slip and marking the number of draws, Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, Roadrunner Cash, Pick 4 and Pick 3 allow players to purchase multiple drawings in a row.

Use Lottery self-service vending machines: The Lottery has self-service vending machines at retailers throughout the state. The machines allow you to purchase Scratchers and draw game tickets and scan tickets to determine if they are winners. If you have difficulty using a self-service vending machine, please speak with the retailer’s manager.

Redeem winning tickets by mail: Winning tickets can be redeemed by mail using the mail-in claim form available on the Claim A Prize page at nmlottery.com. Sign the back of any winning ticket and keep it in a safe location before sending it to us.

Thanks for playing safely!