T or C Resident Goes for a Drive, Wins $87,000 Roadrunner Cash™ Jackpot


ALBUQUERQUE – Last Sunday, Robert Cahill and his wife Shirley wanted to spice up their day. They ended up spicing up their life with $87,000 thanks to a short pit stop.

“We were bored, so we went for a drive,” said Cahill. Soon they were near Hatch and Shirley asked her husband to stop at Pic Quik.

“I had five dollars in my pocket and bought a coffee and muffin,” said Robert. “The lady gave me change and I handed her back a dollar and asked for a Roadrunner (Cash ticket).”  “I don’t know why I asked for a ticket.”

From left: Shirley, Robert, Joan and Bob Cahill

The Cahill’s then headed to Las Cruces and visited their daughter, Joan.

Cahill did not know the jackpot for Monday night’s February 8th draw was $87,000. On Tuesday, Robert went to the Lottery’s website to check his ticket. Shirley watched over his shoulder as they realized they matched their five winning quick pick numbers of 1, 7, 11, 15 and 21.

She was still shaking with excitement when the Cahills and their two children, Joan and Bob, showed up at Lottery Headquarters to claim Robert’s prize. They plan to buy a “decent used car,” a new washing machine, and wood carving tools for Robert, a talented wood carver.

Pic Quik Store #15 in Hatch has previously sold numerous winning Scratchers ranging from $5,000 to $30,000.


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