Santa Fe Man Wins $355,000 Roadrunner Cash™ Jackpot


ALBUQUERQUE – Tis’ the season for winning! Today, December 29th, Michael Maes of Santa Fe claimed his winning Roadrunner Cash™ jackpot of $355,000.

Maes purchased his winning Quick  Pick ticket at Allsup’s Store #344 at 1899 ‎St. Michael’s Drive in Santa Fe. According to Maes, he does not play very often — only when the jackpot ‘gets up there’ (around $200,000). And Roadrunner Cash was ‘up there.’ It had been climbing since early November.

On December 21st, Maes cashed in a winning Roadrunner Cash ticket of $3. He used his winnings to purchase three Quick Pick Roadrunner Cash tickets for that’s night’s drawing.

“I didn’t look at the winning numbers. I took the ticket into the store and scanned it to see if it was a winner. When it said to claim at the Lottery, I couldn’t believe it,” reported Maes.

After signing the ticket, Michael asked his nephew to hold his winning ticket in a safety deposit box until he could claim his prize. Maes arrived at Lottery Headquarters along with his nephew and family early Tuesday morning.

Michael plans to repair his house, pay bills and take his great-nephew to a professional basketball game. When asked what message he has for other players he said, “keep the faith!”


Roadrunner Cash, New Mexico’s game, produces winners

Ten players won jackpots of more than $100,000 in 2015

Played six days a week, Roadrunner Cash is only sold in New Mexico. This is the eighth jackpot of more than $100,000 won in 2015. And more than $2.6 million in large Roadrunner cash jackpots has been won in 2015. The top Roadrunner Cash winners in 2015 include:


Jan. 14                        Billy Kelly of El Paso, TX                                                       $132,001

March 10                    Salvador Rubio of Las Cruces                                                 $205,001

April 2                        Laura & Kenneth Gabaldon of Albuquerque/Belen                $160,001

May 4                         Sesario Ramos of Clovis                                                          $200,001

July 10                        Norman Jim of Shiprock                                                          $200,000

Sept. 17                      Erin Chavez-McKenna & Shantill McKenna of Abq.             $705,000

Oct. 26                       Jimmy Valles of Las Cruces                                                    $103,000

Dec. 29                       Michael Maes of Santa Fe                                                       $355,000


Pick 3® yields 40 winners on Christmas Eve

Did you receive a Pick 3® ticket for Christmas? Check your tickets! The winning numbers for the 12/24/15 EVE draw were 3 – 6 – 9. There were 40 winners of $500 each.


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