New Mexico Lottery Scratcher Sales Up; Powerball Sales Experience Nationwide Decline


ALBUQUERQUE –New Mexico Lottery Scratcher sales increased by 14.54% in Fiscal Year 2015 compared to Fiscal Year 2014, offsetting a 13.8% decline in drawing game sales.

Money raised for college students increased this year to $41.1 million, beating last year’s return of $40.9 million. It represents a return of 30 percent, a lower percentage return on sales than Fiscal Year 2014, yet higher dollar return than Fiscal Year 2014.

“We began a number of new strategies this year and players responded,” said David Barden, lottery CEO. “Our partnership with players, retailers and the legislative community continues to make it possible for our children to focus on their studies rather than on finding money to pay for tuition.”

However, drawing games, including Powerball® and Mega Millions®, did not reach as many of the big jackpots that drive big sales as in previous fiscal years. New Mexico Powerball sales were down 18.53%. Nationwide, Powerball sales declined 17.24% collectively.

Total New Mexico Lottery sales were $137 million, up by $1 million compared to Fiscal Year 2014.  


Scratcher™ Sales Continue to Climb

Thanks to new initiatives led by lottery CEO David Barden, Scratcher sales increased by more than $10 million.

The strategies include a year-long Scratcher promotion, monthly game launches, and Scratcher ticket “call outs.” New advertising initiatives were also implemented, such as digital and mobile ads, transit buses and grocery “in-store” radio.


Net Sales by Product


Fiscal Year  2015

Fiscal Year 2014







  Mega Millions®



  Roadrunner Cash™



  Hot Lotto®®



  Monopoly Millionaires’ Club™



  Pick 3®



  Lucky Numbers Bingo™










In Fiscal Year 2015, prizes totaled $75.6 million. Noteworthy winners included $1 million dollar Powerball winners Bess Holt of Albuquerque and Kathy Gregory of Carlsbad; $2 million Powerball winner Romana Saavedra of Las Cruces; and $1 Million Mega Millions winner Ricardo Abeyta of Los Lunas. Retailers earned $8.9 million for selling tickets and cashing prizes.

Since its inception in 1996, the lottery has raised a total of $654.5 million for education in New Mexico. More than 97,000 students have attended college on Legislative Lottery Scholarships, of which 49,000 students have already earned their college degrees. More information about Legislative Lottery Scholarships is available on the Legislative Lottery Scholarship page.

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