New Mexico Lottery Ticket for $1 Million Will Expire Christmas Eve


Mystery Millionaire Bought Powerball® Ticket in Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE – A wonderful Christmas present awaits the New Mexico Lottery player holding a Powerball® ticket worth $1 million that will expire on Dec. 24.

The mystery millionaire’s soon-to-expire ticket is from the Sept. 27 drawing. The ticket matches the white ball numbers of 2, 11, 35, 52 and 54.

Mystery Millionaire Banner

“If ever there was a time to clean out every nook and cranny in your home or car, this is it,” said David Barden, New Mexico Lottery CEO. “Someone was very lucky on drawing night, but they need to make their own luck right now by finding the ticket and turning it in for this amazing prize.”

The ticket was bought at 1:57 p.m. on Sept. 27 at the Circle K located at 3622 State Highway 528 NW (at Ellison Drive NW) in Albuquerque.

The lottery does not know if the player lives in Albuquerque, elsewhere in New Mexico or out of state.

To claim the $1 million prize, the player must return the ticket to the lottery by Dec. 24 at the close of business. Lottery officials said the winning ticket should be signed immediately since it is a bearer instrument.

Prizes for all New Mexico Lottery drawing games must be claimed within 90 calendar days of the draw date. Deadlines to claim prizes are printed on the back of all New Mexico Lottery tickets.

If unclaimed, the $1 million prize will be forfeited and returned to the prize pool.

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