Carlsbad Man Wins $200,000 Scratcher Prize


ALBUQUERQUE – A Carlsbad man who asked a store manager to fill an empty Scratcher™ ticket dispenser won a $200,000 prize from the New Mexico Lottery.

Thanks to the very service-oriented employee, Andrew Jones was able to buy a ticket from the “$200,000 Cash Bonanza” Scratcher on Saturday.“$200,000 Cash Bonanza.” Jones, who said he plays Scratchers as a relaxing pastime, described revealing a six-figure prize as “no big thing.”

Above: Andrew Jones, winner of “$200,000 Cash Bonanza” prize

Jones’ wife, Beth, told a slightly different story about a more exciting reaction.

“He called me right away,” she said.

“I’m glad I won it,” Jones added.

Jones, who said he plans to save his prize, bought his lucky ticket at Stripes located at 2005 West Pierce Street in Carlsbad. The store has sold five other large prize-winning lottery tickets ranging between $1,000 and $159,000.

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