Albuquerque Woman Claims $1 Million Powerball Prize


ALBUQUERQUE – A woman from Albuquerque claimed a $1 million Powerball prize from the New Mexico Lottery yesterday.

Beating odds of 1 in approximately 5.1 million, Bess Holt matched the winning white balls of 8, 18, 45, 53 and 58 in the game’s July 2 drawing. Her quick-pick ticket missed the red Powerball of 35 to land the night’s jackpot of $90 million.

“I’m lucky in life,” Holt told lottery officials in Albuquerque. “I’ve always been grateful for what I have, and I haven’t worried about what I didn’t have.”

Holt, a frequent Powerball player, discovered her good fortune two days after the drawing when she checked her ticket with winning numbers published at the lottery’s website.

“I started laughing,” she said. “I missed one number to win the jackpot, but that’s okay.”

Holt said she plans to share her prize with a friend in need.

“I feel like Santa Claus,” she said.

Holt said the rest of the prize will be managed by her attorney and financial planner.

Holt purchased her lucky ticket at Albertson’s located at 2910 Juan Tabo NE in Albuquerque. Previously, the store has sold two large prize winning tickets paying $10,000 and $15,000.

For selling the $1 million-winning ticket, Albertson’s is eligible for a $2,500 New Mexico Lottery bonus.

On Monday, Richard Martin of Albuquerque claimed a $205,000 jackpot from the Roadrunner Cash game.

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