New Mexico Lottery Profits for Education Reach $600 Million


ALBUQUERQUE – The New Mexico Lottery today surpasses the mark of $600 million raised for education since launching in April 1996.

With February revenues of approximately $3.7 million, lottery profits total $600.2 million.

“Thanks to our players, retailers, vendors and legislators, everyone who lives in New Mexico is richer because of Legislative Lottery Scholarships,” said Dan Salzwedel, chair of the lottery’s board of directors.

February revenues will be transferred to the state treasurer today.

“New Mexico is ‘The Land of Enchantment’ for many reasons, including the availability of Legislative Lottery Scholarships to help students from every corner of the state realize their dreams of having college educations,” said Mark Koson, the board’s vice chair.

February sales were helped by player enthusiasm for a Powerball® jackpot of $425.3 million.

Schools and Scholarships

Of the $600.2 million, $66.6 million was used for school construction and repairs between 1996 and 2001. Approximately $533.6 million has been directed to college tuition through the Legislative Lottery Scholarship program, which is managed by the state’s Higher Education Department.

From 1996 through the spring 2013 semester, more than 90,000 students have received Legislative Lottery Scholarships to attend the state’s 25 public colleges and universities. More than 43,000 students have earned their college degrees.

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