New Mexico Lottery Launches Instant-Win Game Called ‘Quicksters™’


ALBUQUERQUE – Sharpen your pencils, New Mexico.

The New Mexico Lottery Sunday launches a new style of instant-win game called “Quicksters.”

Quicksters can be played and redeemed for prizes immediately after purchase, just like Scratchers. But unlike Scratchers, Quickster players circle or mark matching numbers or symbols rather than remove a coating.

The first Quickster game is “Super 7s” with overall odds of 1 in 5. The $1 game features top prizes of $100.

Quickster tickets print from the same machines that print tickets for drawing games such as Powerball and Mega Millions. Players simply ask the store clerk for a Quickster ticket. A tune will play from the terminal as a Quickster ticket prints.

Legislative Lottery Scholarships

The sale of New Mexico Lottery games funds a college tuition-assistance program. Since its inception in April 1996, the lottery has raised $510 million for education and more than 75,300 students have attended college on Legislative Lottery Scholarships.

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