Albuquerque Man Wins $200,000 Powerball® Prize


Misses Night’s $245 Million Jackpot by One Number

ALBUQUERQUE – Although he missed Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot of $245 million by only one number, Zachery Rodehaver of Albuquerque still won a $200,000 Powerball prize from the New Mexico Lottery.

On his quick-pick ticket, Rodehaver matched the winning white balls of 12, 14, 34, 39 and 46. When it came to the red Powerball, he missed the winning number of 36. Instead, his ticket read 38.

“It was still a stroke of good fortune,” the retired teacher said.

Rodehaver and his wife, Susan, discovered his $200,000 prize the morning after the drawing, although he waited until noon Monday to claim the prize.

“I’m going to take my wife to lunch,” Rodehaver said.

The rest of the prize will be given as gifts to children and grandchildren.

Rodehaver bought his lucky ticket at Giant Station No. 25 located at 2930 Coors Blvd. NW in Albuquerque. Previously, the store has sold 21 large prize-winning lottery tickets paying between $1,000 and $30,000.

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