December 17

A lifelong Otero County resident claims a $390,000 Roadrunner Cash prize, the largest won by one player.

November 21

Lottery Board of Directors appoints Tom Romero Interim CEO; Romero previously served as the lottery’s Executive Vice President of Security.

October 19

Powerball reaches record jackpot of $340 million.

September 7

Power Play multiples a second-place Powerball prize into $600,000, the fourth-largest New Mexico Lottery prize to date.

August 28

Powerball game revises with new matrix and prize structure.

August 19

New Mexico’s third Powerball jackpot winner, John San Cartier of Albuquerque, claims his $93.4 million Powerball prize. The winning numbers were drawn on August 10.

July 22

Dutch and Janice Ensconatus of Roswell claim the first top prize in the “$500,000 Extravaganza” Scratcher game.

June 30

Lottery ends Fiscal Year 2005 with gross sales of $134.7 million and profit of $32.2 million.

May 9

Lottery launches “$500,000 Extravaganza,” offering its largest Scratcher prize ever.

March 30

Following a national trend, two Powerball players from New Mexico use fortune cookie numbers and win $100,000 prizes.

March 18

Two players split a record Roadrunner Cash prize of $400,000.


Gross ticket sales surpass $1 billion.