December 25

Powerball reaches record jackpot of $315 million.

August 30

Lottery profits raised for education break mark of $150 million.

October 9

Powerball game revises with new matrix (5/53 + 1/42) and prize structure.

October 5

“Powerball Instant Millionaire” debuts, replacing “Powerball – The Game Show.” The show host is Todd Newton.

June 30

Lottery ends Fiscal Year 2002 with record gross sales of $129.5 million and record profit of $29.6 million.


Higher Education Department announces that more than 22,000 students have received Lottery Scholarships since 1996.

February 22

New Mexico’s second Powerball jackpot winner, Isabell Delgado of Las Cruces, claims her $32 million prize. The winning numbers were drawn on February 20.