Pick 4 Plus

Can I still cash in my “old” winning Pick 4 ticket?

Yes, as long as the last day to claim prizes has not passed. All draw game prizes must be claimed within 90 days from the date of the drawing or the first business day after the 90th day if the Lottery is not open for business.

Will my “old” Pick 4 play slip work for the new game?

No, you will need a new Pick 4 Plus play slip to play the Pick 4 Plus game. You can tell the difference by looking for the game logo at the top.

New logo:

Old logo:
Pick4 Scratcher

What are the draw days for Pick 4 Plus?

The draw days and times are not changing from the Pick 4 game. Pick 4 Plus is drawn 7 days a week, twice a day: at 1:00 PM and 9:30 PM.

What is different from the “old” Pick 4?

There are more ways to play and win!  A new play type called Combo was added. Front Pair, Back Pair, and the new Middle Pair can now be purchased for $1 each per play for a chance to win $50. Check out the full list of play types, prizes, and odds on the Pick 4 Plus webpage. Also, Pick 4 Plus prizes may be determined on a pari-mutuel basis (see the question about pari-mutuel prizes below).

What is a Combo play?

The Combo play type is a convenient way to play all possible exact-order combinations (four, six, twelve, or twenty-four combinations) of the numbers you have chosen.  The Combo play costs more than a Straight play but offers better odds of winning up to a $5,000 prize. You cannot use a Quick Pick for a Combo play because numbers are randomly generated, and you might not get the desired number of combinations (and ticket price) you want to play.

What does the following mean: All prizes are subject to pari-mutuel payouts?

Pari-mutuel payouts mean you may win less than the prize shown on prize tables such as those on the website, How to Play Brochure or play slip. The NMLA cannot exceed paying out more than the set pari-mutuel threshold dollar amount for any Pick 4 Plus play type in a single draw.  If the prizes won in a drawing for a play type exceed the pari-mutuel threshold set by the NMLA, then that maximum amount will be divided and paid equally among the number of winning plays.  For example, if the pari-mutuel threshold for the Straight prize is set at $70,000, then 14 Straight winners would win $5,000.  However, if there are 16 Straight winners, they would each win $4,375. The pari-mutuel threshold amount is posted on the Pick 4 Plus webpage.

Why did you change the game?

Offering new play types is an effort to keep the game exciting and appealing to players and still allow the Lottery to return 30% of proceeds to the Legislative Lottery Scholarship Fund.

Why do I have to pay for the Front Pair or Back Pair now?

Offering Front Pair and Back Pair as $1 options allows for a higher prize of $50. Also, Pick 4 Plus includes a $1 Middle Pair play type for a chance to win $50., The change also helps the Lottery meet the 30% mandated return to the state.

Why is there an asterisk (*) on my ticket?

An asterisk (*) will print on your ticket in place of numbers if you buy Front Pair, Middle Pair, or Back Pair, but not all 3 pairs, and did not select another play type such as Straight or Box. Since four numbers are drawn, if you do not play all four numbers, then it won’t matter what the unchosen numbers are.  Therefore, any numbers that are not part of a chosen pair are represented with an asterisk.  For example, if you purchased a Front Pair your ticket could look like 12**; a Middle Pair ticket could look like *12*; and a Back Pair ticket could look like **12.