Crossword 5X

Top Prize: $50,000

Start Date: January 1, 2014

How to play

1. Scratch YOUR LETTERS to reveal your 18 letters. 2. Scratch the two BONUS areas to reveal additional letters or a prize amount. If a prize amount is revealed in either BONUS area, win that prize automatically. 3. Scratch the corresponding letters on both of the CROSSWORD PUZZLES. If you uncover 3 or more complete words in a single PUZZLE, per the CROSSWORD DETAILS, win prize indicated in the PRIZE LEGEND for that PUZZLE. 4. If you win in either PUZZLE and any of the completed words in that winning PUZZLE contains a “STAR” symbol, win FIVE TIMES the PRIZE shown in the PRIZE LEGEND for that PUZZLE. 5. You can win on both PUZZLES, but you may only win once per PUZZLE. EACH PUZZLE IS PLAYED SEPARATELY

Prizes and odds

PrizeApprox. Odds 1 In:Approx. # of Prizes
Prize Ticket1532,000

Approximate overall odds of winning (includes breakeven prizes): 1 in 3.86

Tickets may continue to be sold after all top prizes have been sold.

Prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the announced end of game or the business day prior to the 90th day if the Lottery is not open for business.

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