Top Prizes Not Yet Claimed

Prizes shown below are the highest prizes not yet claimed from individual games. In some cases, the games' original top prizes may have already been claimed. After top prizes are claimed, the next highest prize levels may be featured.

As of July 23, 2014 at 5:15 pm

Ticket CostGame #GameTop Prize AmountPrizes
$20.00856$200,000 CASH BONANZA$200,000.001
$10.00876$75,000 BIG BINGO$75,000.001
$10.00879$100,000 CASH JACKPOT$100,000.002
$10.00883JUMBO BUCKS$100,000.002
$10.00884EXTREME CASH$75,000.002
$10.00886$500 EXPLOSION$500.00205
$5.00820RED HOT CHERRIES$50,000.001
$5.00864GOLD MINE 9X$50,000.001
$5.00877$50,000 GOLD RUSH$50,000.001
$5.00880CROSSWORD 5X$2,500.002
$5.00881$50,000 SCRATCH$50,000.001
$5.008917X THE MONEY$50,000.001
$5.00892WILD CASH$50,000.001
$3.00838FANTASY BLACKJACK$25,000.003
$3.00839BLUE MOON BUCKS$25,000.002
$3.00862BINGO NIGHT$25,000.003
$3.00885TRUCKS & BUCKS$52,100.001
$3.00888BEE LUCKY BINGO$25,000.002
$3.00893CROSSWORD JEWELS$30,000.004
$2.00741SPARKLING 7S$14,000.003
$2.007875 TIMES LUCKY$15,000.002
$2.00794DIAMOND DOUBLER$14,000.002
$2.00832SIZZLING CASH TRIPLER$5,000.002
$2.00848TRIPLE YOUR LUCK$3,000.003
$2.00889I LOVE NEW MEXICO$10,000.002
$1.00791SIZZLIN 7S$1,000.002
$1.00806POT O GOLD$2,500.003
$1.00809LUCKY 7S$2,100.004
$1.00812SPIN 3$1,500.001
$1.008478 LINER$888.0010
$1.00867MONEY MAGNET$1,200.001
$1.00872DOUBLE DOUBLER$2,000.001
$1.00873MUSTACHE CASH$2,000.002
$1.008745X THE CASH$1,500.001
$1.00875TRIPLE 333$1,000.002

Prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the announced end of the game or the business day prior to the 90th day if the Lottery is not open for business.