Games Ending

Game # Game End Date Last Day to Redeem
887$25,000 CASH LINES5/21/20158/19/2015
888BEE LUCKY BINGO5/21/20158/19/2015
890WORD O RAMA5/21/20158/19/2015
8917X THE MONEY5/21/20158/19/2015
892WILD CASH5/21/20158/19/2015
895DOUBLE DOUBLER5/21/20158/19/2015
896SKY HIGH 7'S5/21/20158/19/2015
899HOLIDAY LUCKY X25/21/20158/19/2015
901SILVER MINE 9X5/21/20158/19/2015
904HOLIDAY LUCKY X55/21/20158/19/2015
883JUMBO BUCKS6/3/20159/1/2015
809LUCKY 7S6/16/20159/14/2015
837RED CHILI TRIPLER6/16/20159/14/2015
8478 LINER6/16/20159/14/2015
861TRIPLE PAYOUT6/16/20159/14/2015
879$100,000 CASH JACKPOT6/16/20159/14/2015
898LOTERIA NEW MEXICO6/16/20159/14/2015
902EMERALD 7S RUBY 7S6/16/20159/14/2015
903HOLIDAY LUCKY TIMES 106/16/20159/14/2015
9053 TIMES LUCKY6/16/20159/14/2015
906STAIRWAY TO RICHES6/16/20159/14/2015
909JACKPOT PARTY6/16/20159/14/2015
929DOUBLE CHERRY7/2/20159/21/2015

Prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the announced end of the game or the first business day after the 90th day if the Lottery is not open for business.