New Mexico Lottery News

Carlsbad Man Wins $200,000 Scratcher Prize

A Carlsbad man who asked a store manager to fill an empty Scratcher™ ticket dispenser won a $200,000 prize from t... read more

Free Ticket Spotlights ‘Only-in-New-Mexico’ Lottery Games

ALBUQUERQUE – To acquaint players with drawing games played only in the Land of Enchantment, the New Mexico Lottery will give away a free ticket with purchase during August. For each purcha... read more

Man Drives Finds New Mexico Lottery Ticket Worth $385,000 in Car

For almost two months, Dennis Romero of Albuquerque drove around town with a New Mexico Lottery ticket worth $385,000 in the backseat of his car. On Friday afternoon, Romero discovere... read more

Albuquerque Man Wins 15 Prizes in One Mega Millions Drawing

ALBUQUERQUE – An Albuquerque man won 15 prizes totaling $60,000 in one Mega Millions drawing. ... read more

Albuquerque Man Wins $205,000 Roadrunner Cash Jackpot

ALBUQUERQUE – An Albuquerque man won three prizes on a Roadrunner Cash ticket, including a jackpot of $205,000. T... read more

Albuquerque Woman Claims $1 Million Powerball Prize

ALBUQUERQUE – A woman from Albuquerque claimed a $1 million Powerball prize from the New Mexico Lottery yesterday. Bea... read more

New Mexico Lottery Sells Powerball® Ticket Worth $1 Million

ALBUQUERQUE – A Powerball player from New Mexico woke up a millionaire this morning. The winning ticket sold for last ... read more

Los Lunas Man, Albuquerque Woman Win Trucks from New Mexico Lottery

ALBUQUERQUE – A Los Lunas man and an Albuquerque woman each won a 2014 Ford* F-150 XLT CrewCab truck from the New Mexico Lottery Saturday. The winners are David Heckler and Monica Franco. T... read more

Las Vegas Man Wins $50,000 Scratcher™ Prize

A Las Vegas man won a $50,000 prize from the New Mexico Lottery. Beating odds of 1 in 160,000, Ernest Martinez revealed the prize in a “$50,000 Gold Rush” ... read more

Three Lea County Lottery Players Win Five-Figure Prizes

Winners All Played Crossword Scratchers

ALBUQUERQUE – Three residents of Lea County won five-figure prizes this month playing crossword-style Scratchers from the New Mexico Lottery. Hobbs Winner Mindy Lewis of Hobb... read more